Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Catch Up...again

Yep, this is another one of those ‘catch up’ posts because once again I have let time run away with me and work immerses my every waking moment!

I’m really pleased to say that Valentine’s Day was a successful occasion for Literary Emporium and I sold loads of Valentine’s card and lots of these...

Anyway the last few weeks have mainly consisted of this...

Packaging Orders.

And this...



and more food (an obscene amount of pancakes were demolished on Pancake Day)

I seriously need to start taking stock of what I am eating as it’s gone beyond the winter comfort eating situation now. Maybe if I post everything I eat on this blog it will shame be into cutting down...

Now the Valentine’s Day rush is over I’ve got some time to create new products. This is my absolute favourite part of my job and makes a welcome change from doing admin, accounts and other boring businessy stuff.

I was conscious of the fact that Literary Emporium lacked gifts for men, so with Father’s Day only a few months away, I decided to try and create a new men’s range.

So far I have created these cufflinks...

I hope you like them – they make a nice little gift for the man in your life! I aim to develop my men’s range further to go beyond cufflinks but I’m not sure what yet! 

As you may know, in the last few months I have changed jobs and relocated, so to continue with this life transformation I decided to change my hair. This may not seem like much for many of you, but I have been dying my hair blonde since I was about 13 and I can’t remember my hair being any other colour! After 12 years of bleaching and spending too much money and time at hairdressers I decided enough was enough. I also have an inexplicable fear of hairdressers and I would actually rather go to the dentist than get my hair done. So instead of booking any appointment with a professional colour consultant at a salon like any other normal person, I went to Boots, choose a pack of permanent brown hair dye, went home tried to dye my bleach blonde hair a brown colour. Needless to say it wasn’t reminiscent of the glossy chestnut brown colour I imagined. But it wasn’t awful either. It turned out a lot darker than I anticipated but the dye didn’t take to the ends of the hair so I had some unintentional ombre look. Also, as my hair is so long, one box of dye wasn’t enough and I had a few patches where I had missed (not a good look).

But despite this error, I still avoided a dreaded trip to the hairdressers, and went to Boots and some more hair dye (the same one) and tried again. This time I managed to get even coverage so I’ll just leave it alone for a while now.

(Sorry for bad photos, I hate being in photos more than going to the hairdressers) 

Being brunette was a bit of a shock at first but I’m getting used to it now especially as I can seem to get away with not straightening/washing it so often.

If you’re wondering what hair dye I used it was this one.

 It’s a foam so it’s really easy to apply but make sure you get two boxes if you got blonde long hair! Has anyone else gone from blonde to brunette? Did it work out?


  1. You look beautiful, and one cuff links are amazing.

    I love the whimsical nature of the things you create! I want to behold the wondering moon! What a lovely card.

    I'm off now to have a peak at your shop, and maybe a burger :)

    Hope you are well darling, take care.

    1. Thank you - I'm glad you like the cufflinks :)

      I've just taken a peek at your blog and its made me hungry!Some beautiful photos and recipes x

  2. I am loving the brown hair on you! I also recently went from being blonde to brunette...home hair dye, the light Golden Brown colour from Garnier. Was a reddy-brown to start with! But it seems to have faded now to a light brown. It's huge shock isn't it! But so much cheaper than constantly having highlights...and a good change for our hair to have a breather!

    1. Thank you :) I love the colour of your hair - you seem to have been much for successful with going from blonde to brunette. I think light golden brown is the way forward! I agree, its nice to give our hair a break from the bleach x

  3. Wow! Love your hair. Also love the gorgeous packaging in the 1st shot.
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  4. You look amazing as a brunette! Well you definitely suit both hair colours, but the new do looks amazing :) I went from blonde to brunette a few months ago and I can say that my hair feels so much healthier. I do miss the blonde sometimes.. but for now, I'm sticking with the brown. xx

  5. Everything you put together looks so beautiful and your hair looks great too :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  6. You make a gorgeous brunette. I think your choice of hair colour was perfect! And all that food is making me so hungry :D

    1. Thank you - the colour faded quote a lot so I re-dyed it and then it went black :S Not good!!x

  7. My boyfriend bought your Perks of Being a Wallflower necklace for my birthday as the book is very special to me. I absolutely adore it, and wrote a blog post about it here <3 thank you for creating such beautiful meaningful pieces!