Saturday, 27 October 2012

Office space (or lack of)

As you may know, I’m moving to Somerset in December, and one of my specifications for my new house is to have some sort of space to work, make jewellery and pack orders in. At the moment we live in a 2 bedroom flat, and although it is quite big, I have no room for any of my Literary Emporium stuff. Every inch of the living room is crammed with boxes, supplies and books!


This is my dresser current storage space for all my business stuff! It may not look very businessy but it has been a life saver when trying to find home for all my stuff (and it was a bargain eBay find. But now I have outgrown it and the drawers are overflowing!


These Cath Kidston tins are probably meant for the kitchen but they are used for all my jewellery making supplies.

Cath Kidston Tins

This lovely Alice in Wonderland tin was a charity shop find by my Mum and is used for all random bits and bobs like glue and ink.

Alice in Wonderland

 I don’t have a desk and every evening I take over the dining table to make and pack orders. It’s not very time efficient and it makes a mess!


So I am aiming to create an office / work space area in my new house. I’ve got a bit carried away on Pinterest looking for inspiration!


One can only dream....

If any of you have a nice desk area / work space, or any ideas of how to design a cheap office do let me know!


  1. I could spend days on pinterest! I love you're storage and dresser at the moment although can see how it must be frustrating not to have a proper office- your stuff all looks beautiful though. And I love that Alice tin!xxx

  2. I agree with Emily. I like your current storage set up. How nice to be moving and thinking of your new space, though:)
    crow cottage

  3. Thanks guys :) I will definitely keep my dresser when I move but I thinking of painting it white and just using it for display rather than storing all my business stuff. I wish I could afford to have one of these amazing work spaces like on Pinterest!x

  4. Don't we all need more storage and a better organization for our crafting and office supplies :D and by the way; I love the Alice in Wonderland tin :)

  5. Your dresser is gorgeous, I love that you keep all your business-y things in somewhere that looks so pretty and un-business-y. I'm desperate to find an eBay dresser for painting but don't know where on earth I'd put it! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

    1. Thanks Rosie :) I've got a stupid amount of furniture in my front room but I couldn't resist the dresser - it doesn't really fit in here properly though! I've got to get round to painting it now!x

  6. So so so cute!!Lovely blog post hun