Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catch up

This week has mostly been spent catching up on orders from and making a mess in the lounge while I try and package items without having any space to do so (see previous post!!)

I’m really pleased with my sales from so far and I hope it continues in the run up to Christmas. I quite worried about a decrease in sales in January as this will be the point when I will no longer have a job (or any money!). I’ve only got four weeks left in my current job so I’m squirreling away any extra money in anticipation of being destitute in January. I’ll get the move and Christmas out of the way and then look for a part-time job to supplement my Literary Emporium income.

On the subject of the big move, me and the boyfriend went the Frome to view some houses and we think we’ve found somewhere. Finding somewhere to rent has been a lot harder than we first thought as for every house available there are around three other people interested in renting it! So fingers crossed for the house that we want!

When we were in Frome we came across the Garden Cafe, a lovely little place which seemed to be very popular with the locals.

As a vegetarian I often find that the veggie options on the menu are quote uninspiring but the all the food in the Garden Cafe is free of meat (and in some cases vegan) and their menu is great!

We both had the all-day veggie breakfast which was incredible. I ate every lat bite. I can definitely see breakfast at the Garden Cafe becoming a regular occurrence when I’m a resident of Frome.

I didn’t have a chance to wander around and take photos as we were busy viewing houses. I did snap this pretty little side street which was hidden away. I’d like to live down there please.

Other things that have made me happy this week...

Little early birthday present and a lovely letter from a very good friend that I don’t see as often as I like. Nothing beats getting a handwritten letter through the post.

Vintage penguin book about cats. Penguin books and cats are two of my favourite things so this was an amazing find (on eBay). I was originally going to sell in Literary Emporium but I think it will work its way into my bookcase instead.


Designing new things – this necklace features a little ships wheel charm and I love the quote by Louisa May Alcott. This will be available to buy from my shops later this week. Hope you like it.


  1. Great stuff :) Who doesn't want to live on a secret street? It sounds lovely!

  2. Wow! That veggie breakfast looks great! I would love to have a veggie restaurant near us. We have to drive for over an hour to get to the nearest one. Otherwise it is 'pasta bake', 'mushroom stroganoff' or 'mushroom risotto' almost everywhere we go.

    1. It tasted great too :)I agree - mushroom and pasta dishes are so boring after a while. Vegetarians need variety too!

  3. That necklace and the card it's with is beautiful, I'm sure it will be a big hit! And what a gorgeous package from your friend. I think it's so exciting beign able to explore a new town and find your new favourite places, a good place for brekkie is always a key find! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

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