Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mixing old with new

In my last post I mentioned that we have got a house sorted in Frome for our big move in December. It’s a lovely little terraced house with a garden but there’s one tiny negative – it’s completely unfurnished. The flat we currently live in is furnished so we have the expensive task of kitting out a house with new furniture. Whilst this is a daunting prospect I’m going to give myself a challenge to furnish a house on a shoe string budget which means I will have to get a bit creative.

 eBay and Gumtree are your friend when hunting for cheap furniture. I managed to buy this solid pine box for a really reasonable price on eBay. I’m not a fan of the orange pine colour but 3 coats of cream paint later and it looks much better (luckily my Dad is very handy with a paint brush and kindly painted it for me although I will be trying to do future painting projects myself – gulp!)


This TV stand was saved from being thrown away so we got it completely free!!  The chips just need to be painted over and then it will be perfect!


We took a trip to Ikea to look for cheap furniture inspiration.

Our one splurge is going to be this beautiful metal framed bed. I think it will be one of those classic pieces of furniture that will last forever.

 Hopefully the mixture of old and new furniture won’t look like too much of a mismatch but I’ll keep you updated with any bargain pieces.

 With only 6 weeks until Christmas I have given my shop a bit of a festive makeover...

The Christmas shopping rush has definitely started and I feel honoured and flattered when someone chooses one of my Literary Emporium creations as a Christmas present for someone :)


  1. Haha, I'll be moving in December as well and will most likely end up with a mix of old and new too.

    By the looks of it your place will look lovely, so don't worry;)

  2. Thank you :) Good luck with your move x

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